Bali Travel Blog: Day 4: Ubud

Balinese school children
Us with the school children that we met on our tour

As I said in my post yesterday, we had signed up to a tour so we were up early to be picked up at 9am.

Puri Garden has its own mini bus with air conditioning and we were with five other people from our hostel: one Australian, two Americans and one Columbian.

balinese school children

First we stopped at a Balinese school and all of the children had spilled out onto the street buying food from a street vendor and just playing in the road. They were so cute and very curious about us, asking our names and wanting to show us their classrooms. The girls all wore “kebayas” – brightly coloured blouses worn over batik cloth.

Balinese school children
I loved the brightly coloured Kebayas that the girls wore

I swear we were not that cute when we were their age. They were blowing up brightly coloured balloons and letting them go and chasing them around the schoolyard, laughing. Their classrooms were so bare and they sit on benches with no backs to them.

Balinese school children
The children were playing with balloons and letting them go
bali hindu shrine

A group of girls asked us very politely to sit down and then they did a dance for us! It was actually incredible and it was very studied and precise – down to their facial expressions and hand formations. It was definitely an experience I will not forget! Watch the video below.

balinese school children dance

balines This girl was so beautiful and her clothing was so lovely

balinese school children

As we were leaving we made a donation to the school for books and uniform etc.

Next we were taken to Langsinga waterfall which was really beautiful. It was funny to watch couples posing for a “couples photo” by the waterfall and watch them get annoyed at eachother when the other one wasn’t smiling enough or one had not placed his hand in the right place.

waterfall bali girl

There were all these stones piled up on eachother, perfectly balanced like artwork and we had seen one on the beach in Uluwatu as well but there were loads here.

waterfall bali girl bikini

Next we went on to coffee tasting in the jungle and we were given a little tour and told how they make it. This is where they also harvest luwak coffee – the most expensive coffee in the world. Basically the coffee beans are eaten by a civet cat and then pooed out and they roast that as coffee. Apparently one cup costs between $35-$80! We got to try it for 50k which is about £2.50, it was very strong and pungent, but tasted a lot better with coconut sugar – it was good shit! We also tried lots of other coffees, my favourite being the coconut and ginseng coffee.

coffee tasting bali
coffee making bali

Roasting the coffee beans

coffee tasting bali
coffee plantation bali
Me drinking the good shit – a cat poo chino

We stopped for lunch at a really picturesque restaurant overlooking some rice paddies. We ordered the personal pangkon which was with steamed rice, fish ball soup, fish satay, chicken satay, mixed vegetables with coconut sauce, fried spicy coconut with peanuts, Balinese shredded chicken, soya bean cakes and tofu. All that for £5 and you got a bottle of water and fruit for dessert as well. I also got a young coconut water and it was absolutely gigantic. There must have been about 1.5 litres in that thing.

bali rice paddy
traditional balinese cuisine food

One of the American girls told us about how she had hiked up one of the mountains in Bali and camped overnight but that she had “Bali belly” and was up in the middle of the night in the toilet and ran out of toilet paper and so had to use her socks and then… her t-shirt! Would have hated to have been in her socks…

bali rice field swing tegallalang

Finally we went to Tegallalang Rice Fields which were incredible! So lush and green. You could also get your picture taken on a swing whilst swinging over the rice fields! It was so much fun and you got such a good view.

bali rice field swing tegallalang

After the swing we walked down and Elanor fell into a rice paddy and got her flip flop stuck in the mud so she had to stick her hand in and pull out her muddy shoe.

The tour was definitely worth it as it would have cost us more to get taxis to and from each place and it was a good way to meet the other people from our hostel.

bali palm trees


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