Day 11: Canggu/Seminyak

smoothie bowl crate cafe canggu bali

Having felt awful the day before I have fortunately managed to sleep it off but the same could not be said for Elanor who was unable to keep anything down last night. She was also kept awake by an amorous couple doing the horizontal cha cha in the bunk bed below me – luckily for me I managed to sleep through that.

We have to check out of the hostel so I packed up Elanor’s bag and I went to get breakfast at Crate Cafe. I was so hungry so I ordered an egg and bacon breakfast and a smoothie bowl and it looked great.

smoothie bowl crate cafe canggu bali

Unfortunately by the time I got to the smoothie bowl I was starting to feel really bad again. So, off I went back staggering along the road back to the hostel whilst sweating buckets. I found Elanor lying on the floor in our room which we are meant to have checked out of and I joined her there on the floor.

travel blogger bali

We got a Bluebird taxi via the app (the first one since we got here!) to Seminyak but were dreading it as our next hostel is a party hostel called Capsule and we both felt rough.

We met a girl in our room from the U.S. called Hayley and I went to the pool with her and met some other people from the hostel. People in this hostel are definitely friendlier than the other hostels we have stayed in this whole time. Later, Hayley and I went for a stroll to the centre of town just to see what is around and then had dinner and a couple of drinks in the hostel bar. I felt bad again though so went to bed and I could hear the Brits and Aussies chanting the same song about 20 times even though I had earplugs in. Luckily I was so tired that I slept a long time.

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