Day 14: Seminyak

girl potato head bali seminyak

This morning we got up early to go to Potato Head (read my review here) as we read on Trip Advisor that you have to get there early before they open to secure a day bed by the pool. We thought that if we do Potato Head then we have to do it well. We got there about 9:20am and got the last day bed right by the pool which was a bonus!

potato head seminyak bali

Potato Head is really cool as you get a great view of the ocean, but you can swim in an infinity pool. So you get the positives of being by the sea without having to get sandy and salty. The minimum spend for a day bed was 1,000,000 IDR which sounds like a lot but it is only £50 and there were three of us as Elouise (our Aussie friend) came with us. We actually ended up spending 2,000,000 as we got carried away thinking we were ballers.

girls potato head seminyak bali cocktails review

Elouise spotted someone called Guy Sebastian who was supposedly the first winner of Australian idol, but Elanor and I had no idea who he was. She was fan-girling so hard and went and tried to take a photo of him, but decided instead (because it was less creepy) to take a video of him as she was walking past. You can clearly see in the video that he looks directly into the camera as she walks past. Every time we walked past them from then onwards we could hear them saying “there’s that creepy girl”.

jackfruit nachos potato head seminyak food bali

For lunch I had the pulled jackfruit nachos with coconut sour cream and smashed edamame, which I think you were supposed to share, but of course I ate it all myself. It was absolutely amazing and I had zero regrets about it.

We stayed until sunset in the pool watching the sun slowly slip down the sky, eventually disappearing over the horizon. The atmosphere was so good and everyone applauds when the sun is gone.

sunset at potato head bali seminyak review

After Potato Head we had a quick dinner at the hostel and got ready to go out. We each called a moped via the Go-Jek app which cost about 4,000k which is about 20p in English terms. I can’t believe how cheap it is with the taxi and moped apps and how ripped off we were in the beginning! Imagine going on nights out in England and paying £1 for a taxi home, but I guess if it was that cheap we would be out every night of the week as I know Brits…

la favela nightclub bali girls

We came out of La Favela at 4am and went into the supermarket to get a snack, but I basically ended up doing the weekly shop, so I will certainly not go hungry on the flight home!


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  1. October 21, 2018 / 11:11 am

    Hey Holly, I tried reaching you some time ago about a collab but never heard anything back from you. Thought I’d try again via the comments as my mail perhaps didn’t reach you. If you’re open for collabs I’d love to get in touch with you. Feel free to write directly to my email if you’re interested. Thanks 🙂

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