Eating out in Seminyak: Kynd Cafe

My friends and I have often discussed veganism and have always been of the opinion that it is just too difficult, too stodgy, bland samey food. But entering Kynd Cafe in Seminyak, Bali was like departing this earth and going to vegan heaven. I seriously think I could be vegan if I had access to this sort of colourful, vibrant food every day.

This is definitely one of the most instagrammable cafes in Seminyak. We arrived here hungry and hungover and prepared to eat ourselves into a stupor. We had heard people talk about this cafe and were determined to make the most of our visit here.

I ordered a gourmet toast with smashed avocado, grilled asparagus, garlic mushrooms, pesto, rocket, balsamic reduction and dukkah, and a side of scrambled tofu. This was really good, I would recommend it and definitely want to make something like this at home.

Elanor had the smashed avocado, coconut feta, popped capers, tomato, basil and lemon toast, with a side of scrambled tofu. This was a really good combination and the coconut feta was just amazing, I wonder if you can get it in the UK…

We also each ordered the berry tropical smoothie bowl which is dragon fruit blended with banana, mixed berries and coconut water, topped with home-made granola, strawberries and banana. We requested our names on the smoothie bowls like the #BasicBitches that we are, but it is such a nice touch which adds to the whole instagram-famousness of the place. This was by far the best smoothie bowl I had in Bali, not just because it had my name on it, but it was also just so delicious!

This cafe is also right by Seminyak flea market, so you can pop by there on the way back.

I would definitely recommend putting this café on your list of things to do in Seminyak when you are here if you want to try some delicious vegan food, and satisfy your inner Basic Bitch with the smoothie bowls.


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