Bali Travel Guide: Potato Head Beach Club, Seminyak

potato head beach club bali review travel guide

If you are in Seminyak, then you can’t leave here without going to the famous Potato Head Beach Club. It is such a good place to spend the day and the evening. The club itself is designed by Indonesian architect, Andra Matin and looks like an amphitheater. The outside is covered with colourful shutters which have been salvaged from across Indonesia.

potato head beach club review bali travel guide

Recycling and reusing waste

Outside, a sea of flip flops spills down from the outside walls of the club, sound weird? It is an art installation by art activist, Liina Klauss, called ‘5,000 Lost Soles’ which is designed to demonstrate the reality of marine pollution. All 5,000 flip flops were salvaged along the shores of Bali’s west coast and serve to demonstrate that everything we throw away comes back to us, “via the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil we grow crops and raise animals on.”

This mentality continues inside Potato Head and no throw-away plastic is allowed inside and there are no plastic straws or glasses in sight.

Getting there

We heard that we had to arrive early to get a day bed, so we arrived about 9:15am and got the last day bed right by the pool. We had to sit and wait outside, but people came around with free home-made icepops to keep us cool. The time goes quickly, and before you know it the doors are opened.

As we were welcomed in, our first thought as we looked out over the lawn, day beds, infinity pool and ocean was simply “WOW”. We were then each given a Hawaiin Lei flower to put in our hair, of course this excited us even more as this just added to the whole tropical feel!

The vibe

girl potato head beach club bali review

Potato Head is certainly upmarket, but without the pretentious types of people that you get in some of these places in Europe. It is a really nice chilled atmosphere with chill out music, which gets louder in the evening. The infinity pool looks out over the Indian Ocean and you can watch the waves crashing onto the beach from the swim-up bar or jacuzzi pool. There are also cabanas overlooking the ocean with the pool behind you, and the grass area with bean bags.

When we got to our day bed we were told that the minimum spend was one million rupiah, which sounds like a lot but it is only £50 and there were three of us. We actually got a bit carried away feeling like ballers and ended up spending two million.

The Food

For lunch I got the jackfruit nachos which had corn tortillas, pulled jackfruit chili, coconut sour cream, pico de gallo, jalapenos, smashed edamame and grilled corn. I’ve never had jackfruit before, but it looks just like pulled pork and it was really delicious. It has no specific taste but when it is mixed up with chili then it feels like you are eating meat. This was part of the “large plates” section of the menu, so you were probably meant to share this with someone, but I ate it all myself – not a single regret there though.

Spend the day there

It was such a great day spending the day at Potato Head and I would recommend it to anyone – mainly because you feel like such a baller and we would never be able to afford this type of place in Europe. Cocktails range from 120-140K which is about £6-7 and the jackfruit nachos cost about £6, so it is expensive for Bali, but not by our standards in the UK.

sunset at potato head beach club bali review
watching the sun set at Potato Head is a great experience

Make sure you stay to watch the sun go down as it is such an incredible experience. It was such a clear sky when we were there and we could see the sun go all the way down to the water without being distorted. Once the sun has completely gone everyone applauds and the club is lit up with all sorts of fairy lights and the swimming pool glows green. It is such a wonderful atmosphere after dark and it is open until 2am.

potato head beach club bali at night review
Make sure you stay at Potato Head until the evening as it is lit up with lights and the vibe is so chilled out

Things to know before you go

  • Day beds cannot be booked and are given on a first come first served basis
  • If you want to get a day bed then you have to get there early before it opens – probably around 9am (it opens at 10am).
  • The day beds have a minimum spend of 1,000,000 IDR per day bed, but don’t panic as this is only about £50, but try and be more than two people (you can fit six people on the day bed).
  • If you do not get a day bed straight away then don’t panic, you can put yourself on a waiting list, so if people leave you can take their place – I saw at least four day beds leave before the day was up – and that was just at my end.
  • There is a box by each day bed where you can put your things.
  • You are not provided with towels apart from the ones that are laid on the daybeds, but they are mostly to keep the beds dry and to sit on.
  • When you leave and call a cab or a moped then walk out to the road as it is easier to get one from there.
girls potato head beach club bali review travel guide

I hope you enjoyed my post, and I really recommend that you check out Potato Head. If you have any other recommendations for beach clubs in Bali then let me know in the comments below!


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