Bali Travel Diary: My Trip in 28 seconds

You know when you’ve been on holiday and you are a bit snap happy and take lots of photos and videos? You come home from your holiday and tell everyone you had a great time and decide that you want to show them a video of that boat trip you took, or the traditional dance you went to watch. And as you sit there reliving some of your best holiday moments, after a few minutes you turn to see your friend or family relative’s reaction and with a sinking feeling in your stomach, you see that their eyes have glazed over, or they just don’t find it as amazing or funny as you did.

Perhaps you had to be there?

We’ve all been there.

Plus I find that when I take videos I just end up not watching them again and they just clog up my phone memory. So that’s why I decided to do a one second a day video to sum up my trip to Bali. Nobody will object as much to watching a 14-second clip, than they will to a three minute video.

It was pretty difficult to actually remember to take a one second video of something worthy every day of my trip, but I can imagine that if you go travelling for an extended period of time then this will probably be one of your best memories, rather than the hundreds of photos that you end up taking of absolutely everything (guilty).

I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to take a trip somewhere, even if it’s somewhere as close as the town next door to you. πŸ™‚

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