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I wanted to write a little post just to show my appreciation for the little Airbnb that Tim and I stayed in during our trip to Nice. There were a few things that attracted me to this place such as the five-star location, the five-star reviews from other guests and the fact that Mireille was a ‘superhost’

view of the port in nice from airbnb
The view from the skylight if you stood on the bed!


Firstly, when I am booking accommodation for a holiday I always look at the location of a place. A bad experience booking onto a package holiday to Amsterdam with my university friends brings back bad memories of a hotel located way outside of the city which meant a half an hour tram ride every time we wanted to go in to town. I remember the taxi driver sniggering as she pulled up at the hotel when we asked her if it was close to the city centre. This Airbnb is located directly in front of the port of Nice and only five minutes walk from the Old Town. There were two supermarkets in the vicinity and the bus to Monaco stopped right outside the flat! It was absolutely perfect and we basically walked everywhere, clocking up around 20,000 steps a day! It was convenient enough that we would be out all day, walk back to get ready and go out again in the evening for food and drinks.

airbnb air bnb nice
The breakfast table in the kitchen

The apartment

I could definitely live in this apartment myself as it was so cute! Located on the top floor, the flat is a loft conversion with a sloping ceiling, which was okay for me being only 5 ft 3″, unfortunately Tim did not fare so well and kept banging his head on the low ceilings and door frames, so bear this in mind if you are booking to stay here and you are a bit of a giant. The flat had a fair-sized kitchen with a stove, oven, sink, microwave, washing machine and toaster and a cute little breakfast table right under the skylight. The kitchen is well-equipped with everything you need like pots and pans, glasses, plates and cutlery. The cupboard even had tea and coffee and salt and pepper and even lots of random spices.

airbnb air bnb nice review
The living room with the floor sofa

The living room was pretty interesting! A nice big TV with a good selection of DVDs and a floor sofa! The novelty wears off pretty quickly when you realise how good a normal sofa is, but you can get comfy with it. There is also a dining table in there but we preferred to sit at the table in the kitchen and eat because it was brighter and we preferred that room.

airbnb air bnb nice
The bedroom

The apartment has these cool skylights that you control with a remote and you can close the shutters as well if you like it DARK when you sleep, which I would say is a must as the skylight in the bedroom is directly above the bed. But we loved being able to open the skylights fully as it kind of felt like you were outside and the fresh air just flowed around the flat.

The Host

We did not meet the owner of the flat, Mireille, but we were hosted by Doumé who was absolutely lovely and very knowledgeable about the area. We were those annoying people that arrive early in the morning and leave late at night and he was very accommodating of this, even letting us check in early and leave our bags int he apartment after we had checked out and the next guest arrived. Doumé also gave us restaurant recommendations and information about local attractions and he even put a big bottle of water and Rosé in the fridge for us, which made us feel very welcome and was a brilliant touch.

We stayed for five nights in April and we paid £316 which we thought was very good considering the location.

I would 10/10 recommend this Airbnb to anyone staying in Nice!

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