Top three outdoor bars in Stockholm

Drinking in Scandinavian countries gets a bit of a bad rep sometimes. If you are there for a good time, not a long time then you most probably will bankrupt yourself in one evening. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I have compiled my top three outdoor bars that I always go to when I am in Stockholm every summer.

Sjö Cafeet 

Isn’t like just #peachy when you are sitting in a comfy chair in the sun, bare foot with a glass of beer in your hand? You feel these vibes hard at Sjö Cafeet on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm’s archipelago. The café/bar is found just on the other side of the bridge that joins Stockholm to Djurgården. You can get cheap beers here like a bottle of Corona for 68 SEK. The atmosphere is nice and chilled with fantastic views of Stockholm and of the private residences on Strandvägen. Instead of people-watching, here you can boat-watch as people go bubbling past in their beautiful wooden boats. Old school 80s classics pump out of the speakers as you sit back, and watch hundreds of swallows fly past in formation.


Strandbryggan sea club stockholm top three outdoor bars blog
Strandbryggan sea club

Strandbryggan sea club

This floating bar is really eye-catching with its white and orange colour scheme and exclusive feel. It is my favourite outdoor bar because it makes you feel like you are in Ibiza or Miami.

Again, fabulous location, just across the bridge from Sjö Cafeet where you can boat-watch, as well as people-watch.

They play chilled out house music and a bottle of Sol beer costs 77 SEK. They also have a Rosé bar and a glass of Tattinger costs 145 SEK and a glass of wine costs 98 SEK, which isn’t too steep.

There is a swimming ladder for those wanting to strip off and take a dip.


Strand Baren stockholm top three outdoor bars
Strand Baren

Strand Baren

This is a bar on a jetty that juts out into the sea. In the summer it transforms into a bar complete with fake grass and you can sit and enjoy a cold glass of wine with nodding noats moored around you. You have great views of the fun fair Gröna Lund, Nordisk Muset and Vasa Museum.

A glass of wine will set you back 110 SEK.

Fake grass on a bridge out into the water Views of gröna Lund and Nordisk’s muset and vasa museut with bobbing boats moored all around you 110 sek glass vin

Strand Baren stockholm top three outdoor bars blog



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