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You know sometimes you are in a place, and you just don’t feel cool enough to be there? Well that’s Canggu for you. Canggu is Bali’s Mecca for surfer dudes and chicks. I stayed here for a couple of days when I was in Bali and I can say that it was definitely one of my favourite places that we visited, so much so that I would love to go back there again! I think it’s the laidback lifestyle that I am drawn to.

Where to eat

Motion Café
Food for fitties. They do protein shakes, kombucha, brunch favourites, iced coffee and it is very conveniently located between the hostel we stayed in and the beach. I got a gigantic protein shake for breakfast one morning on my way down to the beach to go surfing and it filled me up until lunch.

In the Raw
For all my basic bitches out there, this is the place where you can get this adorable heart-shaped avocado toast. Yes I said it.  Nice and breezy terrace on the main road down to the beach.

Green Guru
The best smoothie bowl in Canggu. It is a small kiosk on the side of the road with outdoor seating and smoothie bowls are only 70K IDR which is around £3.75! Click here to read my full review.

Crate Café
I had heard of Crate Café before I even saw it. People in the hostel were raving about it, and it is renowned in Canggu for its smoothie bowls, avocado toast and Instagram page. Unfortunately, I had to be a lone wolf when I went here because I was determined to try it even though I was sick and not hungry in the slightest. I ordered too much food and stumbled home, but it was so worth it, and I was so glad that I went.  

MAD POPS icecream parlour
You absolutely have to come here for dessert after every meal. All the icecream and popsicles that they sell have no artificial colouring or flavouring, are 100% plant-based and vegan and are made with coconut milk. It is the best icecream that I have ever tasted in my life and I am actually not a huge fan of icecream. They also have a branch in Seminyak. I am so sad that they do not ship outside of Bali.

Where to stay

the farm hostel canggu review travel guide blohgger
The Farm hostel had a nice central pool

The Farm Hostel
This hostel is situated at the end of a dirt track at the top of the town. The rooms are very nice and clean and the pool creates the central area for socialising. There is a free breakfast every day at a certain time and a happy hour every day. The vibe here is really chilled out and people here are friendly. They also have BBQ nights that you can sign up for. Click here to read my full review.

What to do

batu bolong beach canggu travel area guide bali
Batu Bolong Beach

Laze on the beach
Hire a sunbed for the day and just chill out watching the waves and the surfers. There are numerous beach vendors selling ice-cold Bintang beers and soft drinks. You will be approached by lots of beach sellers who want to sell you bracelets which is pretty annoying if you do not want to buy anything because they come and start laying out their wares, but if you do not want to buy anything then just be persistent and say no and they will eventually go away. I would suggest buying a massage though as I had one and it was absolutely amazing!

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Canggu is a great place for beginners to learn how to surf

In Canggu, every other local is pro surfer standard and it’s super cheap to learn to surf here.

I, of course, tried my hand at surfing and was propelled into the air in spectacular fashion as my board went one way and I went the other. But I am of the mentality of “When in Rome”, so it has to be done – make sure you put strong sun cream on your bum though as otherwise you will have sore cheeks for the rest of your time – trust me, I speak from experience. 

love anchor market canggu area guide shopping
Love Anchor Market

Love Anchor Market
A little boutique market selling silver jewellery, those round wicker bags you see everyone in Bali wearing, colourful bowls and coconuts to take home. It’s a really nice and intimate place to walk around and it’s not big at all. When we were there we bought some lovely silver rings, shell bracelets and a lovely weaved bag. Great souvenirs or gifts for those at home. Check out my guide on how to barter at markets! (link to bartering post)

canggu beach batu bolong bali sun loungers

Browse the shops
There are many boutiques here selling cool surfer style clothes (think baggy t-shirts the length of dresses), jewellery, surfboards and surf wear and, of course, bikinis. Plus, they are all air conditioned, so if its sweltering outside then you can just duck into every shop and cool down. One to check out is Deus Ex Machina, trust me it’s cool.

canggu bali bar nightlife party
There are so many bars in Canggu

I loved the partying scene in Canggu as it was very chill. Make sure you ask the cool kids where they are going each night though as apparently there are certain days for each place – like at university. You don’t want to be caught out wondering where all your fellow hostelers are and find out the next day that the whole world and his wife were at a place down the road and that’s where it all went down.

Where to go out

old mans canggu area guide partying nightlife
Old Man’s

Old Man’s
This is a big outdoor area with a bar and numerous places to sit and drink and eat. We had a fantastic night here and the huge seating areas make it really easy to meet and talk to other people.

beach front bars canggu bali nightlife party bars
Bars overlooking the beach

Beach front
If you walk down to the steps down to Batu Bolong beach then there are plenty of bars to your right, and there are rows and rows of bean bags where you can sit and have a beer looking out at the ocean and the waves crashing into the shore.

deus ex machina canggu bali nightlife party
Deus Ex Machina, Temple of Enthusiasm

Deus Café
This place has many faces. It is a restaurant, shop, art gallery and live music venue in one. Deus Ex Machina is an Australian brand that makes vintage motorbikes, surfboards and clothing that has set up shop in the surf capital of Canggu.

beach front party canggu bali nightlife party
Party down on Batu Bolong beach

Batu Bolong Beach
If you stay out long enough then the party makes its way down to the beach and there is a DJ and a bar down there. It’s absolutely mad and there are people running in the water! But obvs don’t do that… safety first.  

I would love to go back to Canggu someday and give more time to surfing. It is one of the only places that I would go back to in the places I visited in Bali. Are there any places where you have been before which you would like to see again? Let me know in the comments section!


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