Benefits to the Coronavirus lockdown

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Happier days before lockdown!

Is anyone else starting to turn a little bit weird during this lockdown? I wish I could say that I was asking for a friend, but for me it’s at that point now.

Having no social interaction face-to-face with anyone apart from your parents, housemate or dog is taking its toll.

I am wearing mismatched clothes, no make up, I have quiz fatigue and I am spending an unhealthy amount of time on Tiktok (follow me though, @hollipops93). I even got told off the other day by my friends for not making an effort with my appearance for our weekly Friday night quiz. I am singing and dancing my way around the house more than usual and pronouncing words incorrectly and in different terrible accents is giving me way too much entertainment. Seriously, send help. This lockdown needs to end soon, but there is no end in sight for the near future.

I thought for my own sake and perhaps yours too that it might be useful to list some reasons to be cheerful and remind ourselves that some good will come out of this lockdown – apart stopping the spread of Coronavirus of course.

Holly’s reasons to be cheerful during the lockdown

You are saving money

Because we are not spending as much money on petrol, going out, buying clothes, going on holiday. Just think, maybe next year you can go on that incredible holiday to Sri Lanka that you had only ever dreamt about but knew would be impossible.

You will appreciate everyone a lot more

I miss my friends and family incredibly. I haven’t hugged my best friends or nanny for 6 months because I have been travelling and returned home to Coronavirus.

You will be thankful for what you have

I don’t know about you, but I consider myself a very lucky bugger indeed to live in a house with a garden, as I know that others are not as fortunate. I can only think of how claustrophobic and stressful it must be for those families in small London flats. Hell, I am lucky to have a roof over my head at all

The environment is benefiting

Has anyone noticed how clear the night sky is right now? The other day I saw about 15 satellites, which I found out were the SpaceX Starlink satellites. They were following each other in a perfect train, equidistant and speedy. I had never seen anything like it before in my life and I was absolutely awe-struck.

According to the University of York, air pollution levels in some major UK cities have dropped as much as 40%. This greatly improves air quality and reduces the risk of asthma, heart attacks and lung disease.

We are appreciating being out in nature

Now that we are only allowed one constitutional per day it is making us really appreciate that 30 minutes to an hour that we are allowed out in public. I am appreciating the green spaces that I have around my house and now that the gyms are closed and I have started jogging I actually think that I will continue to add a jog per week to my weekly exercise schedule – especially in the summer. This is a big change for me because I have always hated running.
Also, bird watching: once only reserved for old flat cap-sporting men and ladies is also creeping its way into my nature awareness. I am also becoming somewhat of a birdwatcher myself as I am discovering all the kinds of birds that are present in my garden. Seriously, there is a blackbird whose flight path to the bird feeder seems to take him directly past where I sit reading in the garden and about 5cm from my legs – I can actually feel the air wafted off his wings as he zooms past me!

You are finding the time to do all those things that you never had time to do

Hanging up pictures, painting door frames and tidying up that spare bedroom which has, until now, doubled up as the dumping ground. All those things that were on your To Do list but which you have been putting off for months or even years. There is now no excuse not to do them.

You are becoming more creative, motivated and self-sufficient

Think about it. You don’t want to let all those hours spent in the gym go to waste, so you are creating your home work outs, even fashioning some home-made weights out of water bottles and backpacks. You don’t want to waste all the free time you have now, so you are making yourself a to do list and getting shit done! You should be proud that you are finding the motivation and determination within yourself. When this is all over don’t forget it! If you are at a loss for what to do with yourself then check out my list of 12 things to do during lockdown.

You are exploring new recipes and actually reading all those books and magazine gathering dust on your coffee table

Having studied English at university, reading became a bit of a chore for me. But I am rediscovering how great reading is! I am also getting more creative in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. So this is the perfect opportunity to discover some new easy meals that you can add to your repertoire of mid-week meals that are quick and easy to make. Go on, zhuzh it up.

You are spending more time with family

Some of my friends have returned to their family homes to live out lockdown and work from home. I am enjoying spending lots of time with my family as normally we have such busy lives that we are always out doing stuff. Take this time with your family and enjoy it! Do crosswords together, play scrabble or Monopoly, have a movie night!

Hopefully we will emerge from this crisis more united, more appreciative of how lucky we are and with a realisation that we do not have to abuse the environment as much as we have been. Hopefully businesses have realised that it is possible for people to work from home and that meetings around the world can be conducted over video chat instead of face-to-face. And hopefully your relationships with your family friends have grown stronger through this! I know I have certainly been talking more to friends that I didn’t see all that often before lockdown!


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