Best places to eat in Siargao (General Luna)

palm trees in Siargao
Siargao, the Philippines

It’s fair to say that General Luna in Siargao in the Philippines is a foodie paradise, as well as a surfer’s paradise. Lots of eateries and colourful restaurants line the main road, so you really are spoilt for choice. Here I divulge the best places to eat in Siargao in General Luna from budget to mid-range options.

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Best places to eat in Siargao if you are on a budget

J&M Store Carenderia & Grocery
Filipino eatery

Filipino eateries may not serve food piping hot, because all the food is cooked first thing in the morning and then kept in serving trays for the rest of the day, but rest assured that the rice is always hot. Eateries are great, because they are super cheap, you get your food instantly and you eat with the locals. Once I discovered this place I ate here every day. This is classic delicious Filipino fare for super cheap prices and the choice is massive – they can have around 25 different dishes to choose from so you will always be able to find something tasty to eat. My favourites included spring rolls, pumpkin curry, green stir fried vegetables and yellow noodles. In the evenings they have a BBQ and every day they have different dishes to choose from. Each item is around 50 pesos and you can have a whole plate of food for about 150-170 pesos which is around Β£2.50-Β£2.70, perfect for those on a budget.

Nam-Nam Food Station

A sit-at-the-bar affair. Filipino food served with rice, spring rolls and banana bread. A smaller choice and smaller portions compared to J&M mentioned above, but still very good food for cheap prices. Try their Ginisang Ampalaya, which is sauteed bitter melon with scrambled egg.

Bulalo Inn

Bulalo is a Filipino beef marrow stew, so guess what they serve at the Bulalo Inn? You got it. They keep it simple by serving only one dish which they do very well, with UNLIMITED rice! The backpackers dream. It is super tasty and what’s more… they close at 3am! Perfect for a midnight or drunken snack. Plus as the saying in Siargao goes: “Rice gives you power!”

Mamma Coco

Serves all types of silog – a Filipino breakfast dish with fried rice and an egg, noodles, fried rice, fries and (my favourite) mozzarella sticks. Plus they sell the famous bottles of Tanduay rum so it is a perfect pre-drinking place.

Miguel’s Taqueria
Tacos from Miguels Taqueria siargao
Photo from Miguel’s facebook

I have eaten many a taco from Miguel’s. I am a sucker for Tex Mex so if you are too then this is the place for you, although sadly there is no guac involved. Conveniently located right next door to Baile nightclub it means you can stop to fuel up before dancing the night away until midnight. Try the chicken burrito for 150 pesos.

General Luna Local Market

After travelling for so long it was so nice to be able to make my own food in the hostel kitchens. So I headed to the General Luna local market which is located right by the port where the island hopping tours set off, the food market is super cheap and perfect for picking up watermelons, vegetables, fish, rice and rotisserie chicken.

Best places to eat in Siargao if you are on a mid range – higher end budget

Deli Street

One of the things I missed the most about travelling in Asia was a good old sandwich. Deli Street filled this hole in my stomach. My mouth is watering just thinking about their four-cheese panini. They even have proper smoked ham and blue cheese. The sandwiches are pretty expensive and you can certainly get cheaper food elsewhere, but if you love sandwiches as much as me then this is the place to go to get your fill.


Famous for their amazing pizzas which are cooked in their Italian imported brick oven don’t you know. You can watch all the pizza-making action from your table as they are made in an open kitchen in the restaurant. They really are amazing and perfect if you are looking for something a bit more upmarket than the eateries. I kept it simple with a margarita pizza which tasted very fresh and light.
You can also browse the Gwapitos surf apparel shop on your way out.

Shaka Cafe

The Mecca of smoothie bowls. This is a chain I saw in a few places in the Philippines and they do aesthetically and palate-pleasing smoothie bowls and smoothies. It is also right on the beach, so you can go for a stroll after.

Mama’s Grill

Not a place for impatient people or vegetarians. This place is always packed and you may have to wait a long time for your food, but it’s worth it. A simple system is employed, where you choose what you would like from a fridge and they grill it for you. Freshly grilled squid, tuna, chicken, chorizo and pork are just some of the kebabs on offer. Meals around 200-250 pesos per person.

Las Palmas
Las Palmas restaurant siargao
Photo from

Lovely and stylishly designed upmarket restaurant within a hotel. We came here for a fancy dinner one night and although the food was superb, the portions were annoyingly small for hungry backpackers. Try the black laksa linguine and the fish in banana leaves.

Las Palmas website on

Kitya’s Place

Kitya's Place Siargao
Image from Kitya’s Place

A restaurant complete with wooden furniture, hammocks and floor sitting spaces with a chilled and laidback vibe. A bit pricey compared to other places in General Luna but with high quality colourful and healthy dishes, which make it perfect for a treat. Try the Buddha temple, poke bomb and banana coffee.


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