Weekend wandering through Kentish Lavender Fields

Kentish lavender field

Kentish lavender field

I am lucky enough that my daily commute to work takes me past these vivid purple lavender fields at Castle Farm in Eynsford, Kent. I know it sounds cheesy but I roll down my windows and the car is filled with the lovely smell of lavender.

It’s good to find things to do in Kent as it’s a misconception that all the culture to be had is in London! Plus entrance to the lavender fields is free so that’s always a bonus if you are on a budget.

Every year the Hop Shop at Castle Farm has a “Lavender Week”, so I got in touch to see when it was this year as I hadn’t seen any signs. They said that they were in fact having a lavender month but that they would he harvesting within the next week. I wanted to see the fields in their full glory as this was my last chance because I was in Sweden the next week.

Castle Farm is based in Shoreham in Kent at the bottom of an incredibly narrow lane – the UK never ceases to amaze me with what it calls a “two way road” – which will force your car into the hedge if you are unlucky enough to meet another car there! But the treacherous journey down is definitely worth it.

Lavender fields

For people of my generation, first thing’s first: the fields are a great place to get the moneyshot photo, you know, for the gram (cue eye rolls). We even saw some fashion bloggers posing for photos and since then I’ve seen people that have come from London just to visit these fields.

At the farm there is a shop selling dried lavender bunches, lavender aromatherapy oils, lavender-scented toiletries, lavender-stuffed pillows, lavender ice-cream, lavender cakes… You get the idea by now, right? It’s paradise for lavender lovers.

lavender ice-cream

I definitely recommend the lavender ice-cream, it’s delicious and so different to the types of ice-cream you are used to. This was my breakfast on the Sunday morning I visited.

Kentish countryside

Out in the field they were doing massages – would have loved to have one of those as it would be such a unique experience, plus I’ve never had a professional massage before! They also run lavender tours which I would be interested in going on, as well as lavender picnics – very popular but unfortunately sold out! They said they release dates in their Facebook and Instagram pages so follow them to stay up-to-date.

farm shop in Kent

Every time I am at Castle Farm I buy lavender-flavoured scones, but unfortunately they had sold out so I bought myself a tomato and Kentish lavender chutney which I had with my scrambled eggs and toast when I got home.

At the tractor-trailer coffee shop you can try lavender earl grey tea and lavender and peppermint tea. Worth it and only £1.80. I really liked the lavender earl grey so give that a go if you are there.

This is a really lovely day out if you are in Kent for the weekend, or if you are coming from London you can get the train to Eynsford and get a taxi. All-in-all it’s a lovely day out in the countryside.

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  1. Looks beautiful! Love this time of year for lavender and heather perfect purples everywhere! Derbyshireduckie

    1. I know! I’m very lucky that they are so close to me and that I see them on the way too and from work! It sets me up for a good day!

  2. Becca Blogs It Out

    Great post! I live in Kent and didn’t know this place existed! It’s now on my “to visit” list!

    1. That’s great news that it’s now on your to visit list! I think they’ve cut the lavender now sadly but I drove past it this morning and I could smell the lavender coming in through my air conditioning! Make sure you check it out, it’s still a lovely farm with a nice shop 🙂 and then you can make sure you get there when the fields are still in full bloom next summer!

  3. Beautiful pictures 🌾 it sounds dreamy!

    1. I know right!? Perfect setting for a photo shoot!

  4. I hate the smell of Lavender (it makes my eye twitch$ but the field looks so beautiful! I would stick through the smell to experience the beautiful scenery! You looked like you had a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. Such a shame that you don’t like the smell! But you could invest in a nose peg 😉

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