Review: Swedish Kvarg

Here in the UK you may never have heard of Kvarg and to be honest the name doesn’t give much away. Kvarg is technically a “curd cheese” but stay with me here, it just tastes like a thick yoghurt. It can be a healthier alternative to Greek yoghurt and other yoghurts that are high in fat and sugar. In Sweden Kvarg has a bit of a reputation as a muscle food and is loved by gym goers because of its high protein content.

When I was in Sweden this summer my aunty kept saying I should try it, but living out in the remotest parts of Northern Sweden I didn’t get a chance to get to a big supermarket that sold it. I just happened to be wandering through Waitrose this weekend and came across this Lindahls Kvarg. I bought a 500g tub for Β£2.50 and thought I would finally give it a go.


With more and more people trying to opt for healthier choices, Nestle obviously wanted to capitalise on this health trend by introducing it to the UK market. Lindahls Kvarg only launched in the UK in March this year and also comes in smaller serving pots in three flavours: vanilla, raspberry, peach and passion fruit, as well as flavoured drinks: peach & passion fruit and raspberry & vanilla.

It has the same sour taste as Greek yoghurt but only half of this pot (250g) packs a hefty 30g punch of protein for those who want to have a high protein diet. It is thick and creamy and very filling. The high protein yoghurt I normally eat is a bit runny and seems to separate when you leave it for a while, so this makes a nice change. It of course needs something in it, and it is good that you can control what goes into it and therefore the taste as I sometimes find that some yoghurts are too sweet. I opted for some gigantic blackberries from the local food market.

Overall it is a little bit expensive but it may be cheaper in other super markets and also you may not want to eat half the pot as it is quite filling so you may even get three servings out of the 500g pot. I would definitely look to incorporate it into my diet as a healthy, high protein breakfast or a healthy snack when I am at work.

Verdict: It will definitely be on my shopping list next week. πŸ™‚

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