I am going to Bali tonight and I am so bloody excited!! I have wanted to go to Bali for ages and now I finally am! It was people like Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren who made me want to go to these types of tropical paradise islands and I discovered them through watching their videos and they always had this incredible music that I had never heard before and I’ve been hooked ever since.

These are my ten favourite artists that I will be playing on the plane on the way to Bali which will get me in the mood. When I listen to these songs I imagine myself walking down the beach in slow motion, flicking my hair and laughing with a coconut cocktail in my hand. Reality will not be as Instagram-worthy as this, but you get what I mean. We can all dream can’t we?

So, off I go to Bali to #LiveMyBestLife and get a tattoo which I think says “Destiny” in Balinese but actually says “Dentistry” (don’t worry mum and dad, I’m just kidding).

  1. Sweetness Alive (feat. S L L) – Goldroom.
    Such a lovely happy song that you can dance to.
  2. Come with me – Nora En Pure
    Let the light in – Nora En Pue
    Economy – Nora En Pure
    Tears in your Eyes – Nora En Pure
    You Make me Float (Dinka Remix) – Nora En Pure
    You can probably tell from the number of songs I have squeezed under one number that I absolutely love this artist! They make such dreamy music. It transports you directly to the beaches of Hawaii – where everything travels in slow motion. All of their songs are on my Bali playlist.
  3. Save me – LISTENBEE, Naz Tokio. Such a catchy song that I now know all the words to.
  4. Our Love – Sons of Maria
    You & I – Sons of Maria
    Searching for Love – Sons of Maria
    Another artist I absolutely love so put them on your playlist!
  5. Sundream – RÜFÜS DE SOL. Such a dreamy sleepy song but so good to dance to
    You were right – RÜFÜS DE SOL
  6. Pick up – DJ Koze
  7. Sol Calor – Bloom
  8. The Coast (feat Jvzel) – Coolwater Set, RAC, JVZEL
  9. Aloha – MΓΈme, Merryn Jeann
  10. Till Sunrise (feat Mammals) – Goldroom, Mammals

You can follow my playlist for Bali on Spotify here

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  1. Omg have fun in Bali!! It’s absolutely amazing 😍 super jealous haha πŸ’•

    1. Thank you! Expect about 100 blog posts about Bali after I get back!
      Have you been before then? Any recommendations? I am going to Uluwatu, Ubud, Seminyak and Canggu!

      1. Yes I’ve been and your gonna love it! Ooooh excited for these posts! Well, not sure if this is your thing but there is a sick as water park in Kuta called β€˜Waterbom’. I’m pretty sure Kuta/Legian/Seminyak are all right next to each other so if you get a spare day and like water parks then I would definitely recommend!! Of course check out all the shops/market stalls along the road, you’ll always find some really great and cheap stuff! I can’t actually think of a lot right now but if I do I’ll be sure to message you! 😊

        1. Thank you that would be so appreciated!

  2. Have an amazing time πŸ™‚

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