Bali Travel Blog: Day 1

Our first day was basically 24 hours of travelling. We made it through the first 14 hour flight from London Heathrow to Manila and it was a lot better than expected and a lot more comfortable than the 10 hour coach trips I used to do as a student to the French Alps! There were 150 films to choose from on the plane and we got blankets, a pillow and these little socks!

airport healthy snacks

My snacks for the flight

Apart from a British man who asked the air hostess how he could join the Mile High Club and the sign telling us to “SUBMIT to body frisking”, nothing else of note happened on our flight. I caught up on Deadpool 2 and I Feel Pretty and developed a new-found appreciation for K-Pop. The flight was actually very nice – so much better than what I am used to with budget airlines to Europe!

gin and tonic

You could tell that the girl sitting next to me was a professional long-haul flier as she had wrapped herself up like a mummy in her blanket with her seatbelt secured over her blanket and a pillow around her neck.

backpacking girls

Elanor and I looking “fit as” before we boarded our flight to Manila.

We bought some banana chips which by the way are the best thing ever and boarded our four hour flight to Bali.

We were given even more food on this flight and ice-cream! We were so happy and thought it would be rude not to sample when all of a sudden Elanor claps her hand to her mouth and says there is ACTUAL CHEESE in the ice-cream – chunks of cheese. We just didn’t get it – ice-cream is good and cheese is even better but why ruin a good thing and combine them?

cheese flavoured ice cream
Cheddar cheese in ice-cream? Each to their own

We arrived in Bali in the early hours of Sunday morning and I had researched the taxi firms as I had heard that they are all dodgey apart from one called “Bluebird Taxis”. When we came out of the terminal though there were so many people coming up to us and asking us if we wanted a taxi. But then there were particular taxi drivers wearing the same uniform as the Bluebird website described and we couldn’t see anywhere to go up to departures so we ended up going with them. Originally they wanted to charge us 1,200,000 which is about £60 but we got it down to 700,000 – we were definitely ripped off but luckily it’s not a lot of money and it was late and we were quite overwhelmed and intimidated. On the journey I started to get really paranoid about where he was taking us as I had visions of him driving us out to the middle of nowhere and mugging us, so I was thinking of what I had in my bag that I could use as a weapon in case the situation demanded it, but all I had was my spork, but hey! I could have used it to saw through any rope we got tied up with although it would probably take me a couple of days to saw through a rope with that thing.

Anyway, he dropped us off at the hostel so it was all good in the end. In hindsight I wouldn’t even be able to say that I could come through to Bali arrivals and choose a legitimate taxi as there are so many imitating bluebird taxis that they even wear the same uniform. I would say the best thing to do is to not arrive in the middle of the night like we did so at least you do not have that stress.

We arrived at our hostel in uluwatu at about 2am and had our own little bed pods to climb into.

So that was the end of our first day! Check back here tomorrow to see what we got up to on our first day in Uluwatu! 🙂


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