Bali Travel Blog Day 3: Uluwatu/Ubud

Uluwatu temple bali

After a relaxing first day spent lazing on the beach at Sundays Beach Club. This morning we had to check out of our hostel in Uluwatu, but we wanted to go and see Uluwatu Temple, so we left our bags at reception and got a taxi there.

When we arrived we were given a shawl and sash – although I was only given a sash as I had a long dress on.

We walked down to what can be used as a wedding venue and there are incredible views of the sea and cliffs with the temple in the background. There are monkeys climbing in the trees above you and we saw some play fighting with one another, so much so that one of them tripped and slipped into the water bath. They weren’t concerned with us though and I didn’t see them jump on anyone or steal anyone’s sunglasses.

uluwatu temple bali girl
Totally coincidental that the flowers matched my sash

We then went up to the temple but it was so blisteringly hot that we had to keep stopping in the shade and the sweat was literally trickling down our backs.

monkeys bali
I wish someone would pick my fleas for me – that’s love

We then got a taxi up to Ubud from our hostel but the traffic was so bad that it took us an hour and a half. They drive like absolute maniacs here and the driver had to stamp on his breaks when the car in front of us suddenly stopped and we must have been 1cm from hitting him and the motorcyclist behind us nearly ran into us. They drive so close to eachother that I am not surprised they have so many accidents. They will also overtake people when someone coming in the opposite direction is also overtaking and it’s a miracle that we don’t have a head-on collision. People coming out of side roads will also turn onto the road and start driving against the traffic to begin with before eventually crossing over to the right side of the road.

puri garden hostel ubud bali
Our home for the next four nights

Arriving at our hostel Puri Garden Hostel was a bit of an upgrade from our Uluwatu hostel and I remember now that this was the one we were most excited about when we booked. They checked us in properly and showed us around and informed us that there was yoga at 7am every morning and that they have a tour that they run to a waterfall, Balinese school, coffee tasting and the Tegallalang rice fields for only 250k so we signed up for that!

We went out for food at a really cool place called Opera and then went for a couple of drinks. That was our first day in Ubud! Check back tomorrow for an update!

food restaurant bali ubud
Needed: Chicken burger and chips

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  1. OMG this post makes me want to go to Bali even more! I am so jealous haha nice pictures too that go along with your trip! πŸ™‚

  2. Omg get used to the crazy drivers and insane traffic there πŸ˜‚! Looks like you having a great time so far! πŸ’•

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