Bali Travel Blog Day 2: Uluwatu

Sundays beach club uluwatu bali
Sundays beach club uluwatu bali
Sundays Beach Club, Uluwatu

We were quite tired from our full day of travelling, so today we got up and spent the day at Sunday’s Beach Club. You pay 450k (about Β£23) entrance fee and you get a huge towel and 250k credit on the food and drink there, so you can basically get one smoothie and a salad for lunch included in the price which is pretty good! It was not as busy as we thought it might be but I guess it’s because we are here in low season

sundays beach club uluwatu bali review
View from the top down to Sunday’s

It is a private beach so there are no beach sellers harassing you and the staff are all so lovely. We were lucky enough to get a bean bag with an umbrella and the waiters come and take your orders.

sundays beach club uluwatu bali review

We had a cashew and raw cocoa and a tropical smoothie which were amazing and for lunch we had a chilled white cut chicken salad with coconut, coriander, peanuts, lime, pomelo and seaweed oil. It came in a big bowl with chopsticks.

sundays beach club bali food
sundays beach club bali review girl bikini drink
Me living my best life

Included in the price is snorkelling, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding which I did as I absolutely love it – I learnt this when I worked in Mallorca for 6 months.

stand up paddle boarding bali sundays beach club
It’s called STAND UP paddle boarding

It was such a luxurious day and it didn’t cost a bomb either which was great. Would definitely go back again and would recommend it to anyone going to Uluwatu!

girls sundays beach club
sundays beach club uluwatu bali review girls bikini

We got a taxi from Sunday’s to straight to Single Fin to watch the sunset on Suluban Beach. There were still people surfing and the sunset was incredible. We were right on the cliff top and so we had the best view. There was a fight between an English guy and one of the Single Fin bouncers which escalated very quickly and the bouncer grabbed him by the neck. After attempting to haggle with the taxi drivers about the price to go home (none of them would bargain) we fell into bed exhausted!

single fin bali uluwatu
single fin review bali blog
The view from Single Fin was amazing

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  1. Looks like an amazing day! I recently tried paddle boarding for the first time. It is much harder to stand up the first time than it looks!!

    1. Yes you need really good balance and it’s very good for your core!

      1. Yes! My biggest problem was my quads! Couldn’t get them to stop shaking, haha

        1. πŸ˜‚ that must have looked hilarious! I am going to try surfing when we get to Canggu so I’m sure that will not be my fortΓ© πŸ˜‚

          1. Oh yeah, I went down like 5 times. I do really enjoy it though. I’ve never tried surfing. Best of luck!

  2. Jennifer Laurie Smith

    I’m reading this sat at my desk at work… you jammy little thing πŸ™‚ Looks amazing! ❀

  3. The food looked amazing and the views wow!

    1. On cold days like this in the UK, me too!

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