Bali Travel Blog Day 5: Ubud Monkey Forest

bali monkey forest travel guide

We had such a jam-packed day yesterday, and today was no different! This morning we went to the monkey forest. The monkeys there are so cute but you are told not to look them in the eye as they see it as a sign of aggression. It’s really nice wandering around the forest and the monkeys mostly go about their business: picking each other’s fleas, play fighting or eating. There are about 750 monkeys in the forest and they are called Balinese long tailed macaque or “Macaca fascicularis” if you’re feeling fancy.

bali monkey forest guide

Although people want to take photos and they block up the path, and people are too polite to carry on walking. Well, this happened and we were queueing to get past this one guy who had bent down to take a picture of a monkey. Then the monkeys to our right start getting really territorial and bearing their teeth because we are all just lingering there, and then they start coming towards us and one of them grabs my dress and stuffs it in his mouth. I am panicking inside my head and want to calmly walk away without looking this monkey in the eye, but I can’t because people are queuing to get past this guy. Luckily they started moving and the monkey let go so I didn’t have to fight it. Later we saw monkeys climbing on people’s heads and this monkey started chewing on this girls bead that she had in her plaited hair and she tried to take it out and it got angry and jumped on her head… But apart from that they were adorable.

girl ubud monkey forest travel guide

After that we had a smoothie at this cool place called Clear and then we went to Ubud Art Market to find some bargains.

girl smoothie bali

I actually find markets quite stressful as you can’t even look at something without someone coming up to you and asking you how much you want to pay for it. Although they definitely expect you to haggle with them because they would tell you how much they want for something and then ask you how much you want to pay for it. Elanor and I managed to secure a few deals, so much so that we should be on the apprentice.

ubud art market bali travel guide

We also ent to is place called Acai Queen for frozen smoothie with lots of fruit and stuff on top. I made my own with acai, mango, papaya, dragonfruit, strawberries and granola.

smoothie bowl bali

For dinner we went to this vegetarian and vegan buffet which only cost about £3. We ate so much tofu, tempeh, potatoes, noodles, satay sauce and pumpkin in coconut milk.

After we went for cocktails at this bar that was doing watermelon mojitos for about £2.50 – SO GOOD!

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