Bali Travel Blog Day 7: Jungle Fish & Canggu

jungle fish beach club ubud bali

Our hostel offers yoga every day at 7am, so Elanor and I signed up and did it this morning. It was actually good, but we were at the back so we couldn’t really hear the instructor. Towards the end she told us to lie on our sides with our eyes closed, and then a couple of minutes later we were told to sit up with our legs crossed. When the yoga finished I looked behind me and Elanor was still on her side with her eyes shut, so I thought she had fallen asleep, but it was because she hadn’t heard the instructions to sit up. Everyone was laughing at her!

jungle fish beach club ubud bali

After that we went to Jungle Fish with Elouise – the Aussie girl we met at the hostel. Jungle Fish is a beach club out in the jungle and you pay 150k (Β£7.50) to get in and you get a towel and a sun lounger. I had an iced coconut latte and for lunch we all had a chicken and quinoa salad. It was actually so good but the portion size was kind of small – I could have eaten two.

jungle fish beach club ubud bali girls swimming pool

Time went so quickly at Jungle Fish and it was so relaxing to sit there all day drinking yummy drinks.

jungle fish beach club ubud bali girl bikini

We dropped Elouise back at the hostel and Elanor and I continued in the taxi to Canggu to check into our next hostel – The Farm. We will meet up with Elouise again when we are in Seminyak.

We went for dinner at this place called Koibatu Bolong and had a massive salad each. I had a beetroot smoothie which was very earthy, but I will thank myself for this later.

food bali

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  1. Love the yoga story!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    1. We heard someone else went to a “nap class” and fell asleep and he woke up and he was the only person left in the room and he had been there for half an hour πŸ˜‚

      1. Haha!!!! That is amazing!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Love Ubud! Have you been to Kintamani ?

    1. No I haven’t actually! What is there to do there? I will put it on my list for next time if it’s good!?

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