Fashion: Halloween Party Ringmaster Outfit

I bloody love fancy dress, so as you can imagine I get a little bit excited when Halloween comes around.

This year I wanted to utilise my mum’s vintage tailcoat which I spotted one day up in our attic. She said that she bought it in an antique shop in Covent Garden in the 80s and she had it hanging up in her atelier in Stockholm as an art piece. I wanted to build my outfit around this jacket, so I decided to go for a Ringmaster in the circus. I also love these Elsie & Fred sequin hotpants – normally I would not look good in hotpants but the sequin tassels hanging down over them make it feel more like a skirt. If I ever didn’t know what I would wear to a festival, these would be my go-to. Every girl needs a pair of these to sashay around in.

Tailcoat: Vintage

Bra £5: Forever 21, similar one here

La Bamba sequin hotpants £42: Elsie & Fred

Fishnet tights £2.59: eBay

High heels £9.99: Shein

Top hat £3.35: eBay


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  1. omg this is such a good costume idea, love it! I love how you centred the costume around the tailcoat as well! x

    1. Thanks !! What did/will you go as this year?

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