Fashion Friday: London Lunch

At Aubaine, Selfridges

“You have too many clothes”, “How do you expect to wear all these clothes in your lifetime?” “Every time you buy an item of clothing, you should throw something away.” Sound familiar? These are all things that have been said to me – Mother, I’m looking at you, but this is a prime example of why us women should never have to throw away any clothes… because they always, ALWAYS come back into fashion! Embrace your inner hoarder.

Take for example this tiger-print shirt. I bought this shirt from Zara probably six years ago and I have to admit that I got tired of it and didn’t wear it for a good couple of years. But when things come into fashion, it’s like you see things with a new pair of eyes and all of a sudden you want to wear top-to-toe animal print. Thankfully I never threw away this shirt as I would have been kicking myself so hard now. So, I dusted it off and out came my cougar tiger-print shirt for lunch in London with mother. 

Tiger-print shirt: Zara (similar here)

Leather look lace-up trousers: Missguided (similar here)

Leather boots with buckle: Topshop – on sale here!

Sonia Rykiel Wool Coat: Charity Shop

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