Where to eat in Versailles

All the restaurants in Versailles are clustered around the market square, and thankfully there doesn’t seem to be many tourist trap restaurants, which is very refreshing. It can often be quite stressful choosing a place to eat in places such as London or Paris, where you know that there is a good chance that the food won’t be good but the prices will be high, so this is a welcome change in Versailles.

Monument Café

Situated on the corner of Rue de Maréchal Joffre and Rue de Strasbourg this little minimalist café serves up a feast of mini dishes in jars. There is so much to choose from and you can eat as much as you like of cold savoury dishes and deserts for €21, or €26 if you would like hot dishes included. We feasted on chicken ceasar salad, olives, cheese, cured meats, butternut squash with feta cheese, salmon beetroot carpaccio and parsnip mousse and then finished it off with lemon merangue, chocolate mousse, panacotta with blueberries, apple compote, fromage frais and fruit salad. Sound good? It was a feast worthy of Louis XIV. If, like me, you like good food in large quantities then this is the place for you! Grab your plates and sit in the window and do some people watching.

Le Cheese Club

This is the mecca for cheese lovers. This little two-storey restaurant is tucked away by the market square and you can get very good quality food for the fraction of the price.

If, like me, the mere mention of cheese is enough to entice you somewhere then this is the place for you! For starters we shared brie and honey with bread, and snails, because when in Rome right? Then for main course I had a three cheese pasta with bresaola and we shared a bottle of wine between three of us. For two starters, three mains and a bottle of wine it was €28 each which wasn’t too bad considering the food was so good and tasty and with good portion sizes.

This is a restaurant with simple interiors, but unpretentious high quality food. The food will give you cheese nightmares, but the prices are a dream! If I have convinced you then make sure you book a table beforehand as it is very popular! www.lecheeseclub.fr

Chez Stef’s

This is a little restaurant in the back streets of Versailles which is run by Stephanie and her husband Stefan – et voila! Chez Stef’s

I had the cocktail de maison which was made with rosé wine, hibiscus and lemonade. Drinks were served with homemade garlic crisps, which was a lovely touch.

You choose your food from a little black board which has all the specials for the day and changes daily. We had the duck with pureed potato, olive oil and juice from the meat. It was a divine combination and the meat was so tender and flavoursome.

It was not a cheap restaurant, but the food is of such high quality that you could easily be paying double the price for it in the UK.

La Boucherie

A traditional French bistrot as it should be with cramped tables, which have to be moved out to allow people to their seat. The restaurant host was lovely and took our coats for us. We were also given a complimentary glass of rose fizz while we looked at the menu, which was a nice touch.

The menu is simple and uncomplicated, although salad-eaters need not apply as the only salad you will find in this joint is as decorative garnish. I had rump steak with Roquefort sauce and chips, a cheese board (couldn’t resist) and we shared two bottles of wine between three and this was about €40 each so it wasn’t too bad.

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