Brunch in London: Elan Café Review

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I am a self-crowned brunch queen and always on the hunt for pretty instagrammable cafes in London to brunch in with my friends. I had spied Elan Café a number of times on Instagram and had loved the pink interior and the beautiful flowery interior, which reminded me of Aubaine in Selfridges. I happened to be in London and thought I would call up my girlfriends and see if they wanted to go with me.

We chose the one in Market Place behind Oxford Circus and it is tucked away around the corner from Topshop, which is really convenient if you want to escape the madness of Oxford Street for a coffee and a slice of cake.

We arrived about 12 o’clock on a Sunday afternoon and there was a small queue, which was a pleasant surprise given we were prepared for there to be a large queue. We started standing in it, thinking one of our friends who was late could join us when she gets here. It turned out that once you are inside, you can only sit there for 45 minutes and we got nervous that our friend wouldn’t be there in time. When we joined the queue again after she had arrived, we were second in the queue behind four girls. In all, it probably took us about 50 minutes to be shown a table. We were offered to sit outside, but it was quite cold and the heat lamps did not look like they would keep us warm, plus when we had waited so long we wanted to experience the inside, which is the main attraction.

When we were shown our seat we were given pink menus to choose our food and drinks from. The coffees are quite pricey and range between £3.20-£15, but they are special coffees that I have neither seen before. I opted for a red velvet coffee, which is red espresso, sweet rooibos and condensed milk, which was really different and tasty and over way too quickly! My friend opted for a charcoal latte with glitter which was pretty impressive and which she enjoyed.

For food I wanted to order the chia breakfast bowl, but was disappointed to hear that they didn’t have any (on a Sunday morning, really?), so instead I opted for the bircher museli, which was absolutely delicious and actually had an interesting herb garnish on it. My friends opted for a coconut chicken wrap and Sicilian chicken sandwich.

This café is an instagrammers heaven and there are numerous photoshoots going on – one girl must have stood there for at least 10 minutes whilst her boyfriend tried to get the perfect shot of her.

All in all, I would love to come back again to try the chia breakfast bowl that I missed out on, and some of their lovely-looking cakes and pastries, but I would definitely not queue that long again. But as the weather gets warmer, more people will want to sit outside and therefore the queue should be shorter. The service was very good and quick and we all paid separately on cards which was very efficient – it has to be when the queue is an hour long!

Good for: brunch with your girlfriends


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