Where to stay in Seminyak, Bali: Review of Capsule Hostel

We were recommended this hostel in Seminyak by a friend of mine who had stayed there before. What she said about the hostel was that “it is a party place, and everyone goes out together”. Unfortunately, when we arrived, we were in the grip of the infamous “Bali Belly” and were not looking forward to our stay. We dragged ourselves to our rooms and were happy to see that it was clean and the room that we had was nice.

The Rooms

The room is split up into little compartments, so you have a bit of privacy when you are lying in bed.

I wasn’t feeling as bad as my friend, so I went down to the pool with a girl we had just met in our room and immediately people started talking to us and were really friendly. This was not the case in some of the other hostels that we stayed at, which felt quite cliquey, and with people mostly keeping to themselves. Everyone at this hostel is up for meeting new people and having a good time. We wish that we had started our travelling at this hostel and met people and travelled onwards with them.

Every night they have a happy hour, which draws people to the bar and then sometimes they have free “family dinners”, which is a great way to meet other people, because you sit at long banquet tables next to someone new each night.

Tip: If you value your sleep then do not opt for the female-only dorms as they are on the ground floor and right next to the bar.

The Food

The food here is really reasonable as well, we ate the tofu scramble for breakfast, which was absolutely delicious! It was only 50K, which is about £2.50, and it was served really nicely and was really tasty and flavoursome. We had tofu scramble somewhere else and it was nowhere near as good! We also had a chicken wrap and sandwich which was around the 50K mark. Breakfast is definitely the one worth going for though.

The Verdict

Overall, the people are lovely, and the staff are lovely. The rooms are basic with only one bathroom, but you probably won’t spend that much time there and the wifi does reach up to the room – although we were only on the second floor so it may be a different story the higher up you go!

Tip: If you value your sleep you should ask to go higher up in the hostel as there are some rooms on the ground floor where the common area and bar are – the girls I spoke to said that if they aren’t going out at night then they are kept awake by all the noise – although they do seem to turn the music off at a reasonable hour.

Good stuff to know:

  • They have towels for rent
  • Free wifi
  • Laundry service available
  • They only have valuabe lockers which are quite small – you only have space to put small valuables in there like your passport and an iPad – otherwise your bag has to be out in the open
  • Key card to get into the rooms and the doors can’t be propped open
  • Free family dinners
  • Cheap food and drinks at bar
  • Free water cooler

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