Where to stay in Canggu: The Farm Hostel

the farm hostel review canggu
the farm hostel review canggu

The vibe

If you are looking for a chilled-out place to stay in Canggu then you’ve come to the right place as The Farm hostel has this in double measure. On my first morning I rocked up to the free breakfast and a dude with dreadlocks (my only breakfast companion) told me that everyone had been out last night and that it would be another couple of hours before anyone surfaced. For me, he summed up the place.

The Farm was recommended to me by my friend who had travelled through Canggu, and while it isn’t a rowdy party hostel, there is always a group of people who go out together every night.

the farm hostel canggu review travel blog

The rooms

The dorms are clean, with clean bedding and the lockers are very big – although make sure you close the top lockers as they are a perfect level on which to knock your head very VERY hard. The dorm rooms surround a pool which seems to act as the central meeting point and if you are travelling on your own, I would suggest getting a beer and sitting around there as that is where you are going to meet people.

The dorms are mixed, unless you opt for a female-only room and I think there is only one of them available.

the farm hostel canggu review travel blog


What I thought was great was that the hostel offers surf lessons, which I took advantage of one morning after a heavy night out. I even found myself surfing (although I use this word loosely for myself) with the founder of The Farm and his megababe girlfriend.

The hostel also hosts free food nights, which is a great way to meet other travellers.

Surrounded by rice fields, banana trees, bamboo and a stream, the Farm is as tranquil as it gets in Canggu. The only draw-back is that if you do not hire a moped then it is a 30-minute walk down to the beach which can be pretty trying in the heat.

This hostel seems to have become something on its own and seems to embody the relaxed Balinese lifestyle and way of life – I mean, they even sell their own merch.

If you are stopping in Canggu and you are a solo traveller, then I would definitely recommend staying in this hostel.


the farm hostel canggu bali review travel blogger


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