The best smoothie bowl in Canggu, Bali: Green Guru

smoothie bowls canggu bali

There is just something about Bali that brings out the basic bitch in me, because if there was one thing I craved when going to Bali it was a giant smoothie bowl. I had read about Green Guru on a blog post about the top five smoothie bowls in Bali and it just happened to be based in Canggu where we were making a stop, it also happened to be situated on the main road between our hostel and the beach – so as you can see, it was fate that brought us together.

green guru smoothie bowl bali canggu

It is essentially a kiosk with outdoor seating and you just go up and order what you would like at the bar.

The smoothie bowls themselves are a work of art. Served in beautiful hard-carved wooden bowls the bright colours of the fruit stand out so well.

I guarantee, even the staunchest anti-instagramer will not be able to resist taking a photo of their bowl.

smoothie bowl canggu bali green guru
The “Yoda” smoothie bowl

I opted for the “Yoda” which was a smoothie blend of banana, avocado, papaya and fresh raw spirulina, with a topping of mango, blueberries, banana, coconut flakes, granola, bee pollen and papaya. This was nice if you do not like things that are too sweet. I have since tried spirulina powder and it literally tastes like you have gone outside, scooped up a handful of soil and put it in your mouth. The spirulina tones down the sweetness and gives it a more earthy taste.

smoothie bowl bali guide canggu
The “Holly Berry” smoothie bowl

Elanor opted for the “Holly Berry” which is a blend of acai, raspberry, strawberry, blueberries, banana and papaya with a topping of granola, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and nuts. This looks more of what you might eat for breakfast. Absolutely delicious and fresh.

The bowls are only 70K which is around £3.75! This was our breakfast and they were very filling, so we were not hungry until lunch.

smoothie bar canggu bali

All bowls are served with a huge smile.

So if you do not know where to eat out in Canggu, then I would definitely recommend Green Guru for a delicious and nutritious breakfast or snack and if you are heading to Canggu then make sure this in on your list to stop by!

green guru smoothie bar review canggu bali

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