Brunch in London: Coppa Club, Tower Bridge Review

coppa club tower bridge brunch review blog
coppa club tower bridge brunch review blog
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Igloos in London? Unheard of! Well, not at Coppa Club, a restaurant nestled on the north bank of the River Thames right by Tower Bridge. I had walked past this restaurant a number of times and always wanted to go there, so when I was looking for somewhere to brunch around London Bridge, this was the only obvious place.

coppa club tower bridge surf shacks review
These are the “surf shacks”

The outdoor seating area of the restaurant features clear plastic igloo-style booths, which in winter are transformed into festive private seating areas, but for summer have been decked out with flowers Hawaii-style. These private booths are booked out weeks in advance, so there was no hope for a table for brunch for the weekend when I was meeting my friend before she headed off on her epic adventure to Canada. But I booked a table inside and banked on the fact that they keep a certain number of tables for walk-ins. When I arrived, I just asked and managed to bag a table outside.

coppa club tower bridge terrace surf shacks
coppa club restaurant tower bridge review

It’s definitely a lovely place to sit and the outer walls of the restaurant fold away so people sitting inside still get a fresh breeze. The brunch menu is served until 4pm and has a pretty good selection and is reasonably priced, so I went for smashed avocado and poached egg on toast with chili, lime and kiln-smoked salmon which was £9.45. It looked great and well-presented when it arrived, but I have to admit that the toast was very thinly sliced and actually tasted a bit hard and stale and I was surprised that the salmon was cooked. I had an iced coffee to drink which was lovely and refreshing. Overall, the food and a coffee came to about £13 which was very reasonable for London.

coppa club tower bridge surf shack brunch breakfast
I was quite surprised to see that the kiln-smoked salmon was cooked as I would have thought that it was raw

Also, on the website it is advertised that there is supposed to be a VW van pop-up bar and a surfboard swing. This was not there and the staff did not seem to know why it was not there or when it would appear, so until this is sorted out then they should not be advertising it on the website and you should bear this in mind when booking.

coppa club tower bridge review surf shacks girl
I was catching up with my friend Regina before she moves to Canada

I have a friend who has been to Coppa Club before and said that she didn’t think the food was particularly good. It is one of those places, I think, where you pay for the location rather than the food. Don’t get me wrong, I would definitely go back, in fact I have managed to book a space for my mum and I in the ‘surfer shack’ in September, but don’t expect spectacular food.

coppa club tower bridge review summer surf shack

Verdict: Good location for brunch or lunch with a friend to enjoy the ambience and the view, but don’t expect great things from the food as you are paying for the location.


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