What to do in Stockholm: A 24 Hour Guide

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I know I am a bit biased, but Stockholm is my favourite city. I always say to people that they should visit Scandinavia and in particular Stockholm because it is just so different to the rest of Europe. You know when you go to mainland European countries and in the end, they just feel a bit samey? Well Stockholm, I feel, is just different. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger – I have been interrailing in a lot of Europe and that’s how I think of some countries.

You should definitely make time to visit Stockholm but if you can’t spare a couple of days or are just passing through and want to know about things to do in Stockholm then you have come to the right place. I thought I would compile an itinerary for those that only have 24 hours to spare for this lovely city. I wanted to suggest an itinerary that would help you make the most efficient use of your time in Stockholm and really capture or get the best glimpse into Stockholm life and culture – even if it is a fleeting one and hopefully it will persuade you to come back and spend more time here!

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Start the day by getting up early, heading to Vete Katten bakery on Kungsgatan to buy some “fika to go”. “Fika” is a staple of Swedish culture and means to have a coffee accompanied by a pastry, cake or muffin etc and it is taken very seriously – you don’t joke about fika. After this serious business has been seen to, head to Djurgårdsbron – the bridge that leads across to the island of Djurgården and hire some bicycles from City Bikes.

Cycling around Djurgården is one of my favourite things to do and I always make time to do this. On the way out to the furthest point, you cycle past Vasa Museet, the maritime museum for a 17th century ship, the Gröna Lund amusement park, Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde, which is a former prince’s palace-turned-art-museum. It is right by the water, so you can hop off your bike and dip your feet in the water or take in the views on one of the benches in the lovely garden in front of the house (the palace is set on a hill), whilst you eat the aforementioned fika.

Once you have passed Waldemarsudde, carry on cycling following the water and eventually you will reach a hidden gem called Café Blockhusporten right at the end of the peninsula. We stumbled on this café the first time we cycled out there and it is such a lovely place, where you feel like you are worlds away from the crowds of Stockholm city centre. Depending on your budget, you can eat some traditional Swedish food such as salmon and potatoes, or maybe even another fika – if not then just stop for a coffee or a refreshing drink! There is also an ice cream kiosk here. When you cycle back, you can return the bicycles at the same place you hired them or there are also other branches of City Bikes around the city.


Once you have returned the bikes head back along Strandvägen and head towards Gamla Stan (Old Town) for a meander down the old cobbled streets. It is a nice way to get out of the sun into the shade of the tall rambling buildings. The streets will be nice and breezy, as the wind is funnelled down the long shady streets. There are lots of souvenir shops here if you want to pick up a few gifts, but there are also ice cream vendors, cafes and restaurants that you can pop in to if you are in need of a refreshment. Finish the day by eating at one of the numerous restaurants – go to the ones where you can hear the punters speaking Swedish!


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