How to Create Mys: the Swedish Version of Hygge

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Everyone has been talking about ‘hygge’, the Danish lifestyle concept, which is a key part of their culture. It has no specific one-word meaning but instead encompasses a feeling of cosiness, contentedness and wellbeing. However, being Swedish myself, we actually have our own word for it – “mys”. But what is mys and how does one create mys?

Mys translates to English roughly as cosiness but can also be used as a verb meaning to get comfy or cosy, to cuddle or snuggle (att mysa), or as an adjective meaning cosy (mysig).

Mys is pronounced “mees” and is a bit softer and prettier sounding than its Danish counterpart, which is pronounced “hooga”.

Mys and hygge is as much about your surroundings, who you are with, as it is about how you feel. But how do you create mys?

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What the frig is hygge and mys?

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For those of you who haven’t the foggiest of what I am going on about then I am sure you have experienced mys without even knowing it. If you have ever curled up in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate, lolled in a comfy chair reading a book on a rainy day, or worn a big knitted jumper and wool socks and felt warm and happy, then you have experienced mys.

The word mys can also be tacked on to the end of loads of other words. Therefore “fredagsmys” which means Friday mys is definitely a thing, as is lördagsmys (Saturday mys), julmys (Christmas mys) and my personal favourite, kvällsmys (evening mys)! It’s just so versatile!

After a long week at work, Fredagsmys is when you come in, get into your comfiest joggers, pour yourself a large glass of wine, eat some good food, watch a movie, eat some sweets and spend time with your family, friends or better half.

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For anyone who has been looking forward to the end of summer and as soon as September hit, was digging out the knitwear, then this word is for you.

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Where my Swedish family is from in northern Sweden up by the border of Finland, they only get a few hours of daylight (we call it that but really it is still dusk) during the winter and temperatures can reach -30° with snow and Northern Lights. If you go even further north, then they have darkness 24 hours a day. Luckily, I have never had to experience this myself, having moved from Sweden to Bahrain when I was only one year old, but the need for mys has been instilled in me from a pretty young age. I am not going to lie, when I went to visit my family up in northern Sweden during winter, it was pretty depressing only getting two and a half hours of daylight. Mys is a way to help the Swedes through the long winter, and during that time people tend to draw inwards a bit and only see their close friends and family during this time. Mys is a time to celebrate the colder months instead of wishing them away.

Get mysig with it. How to create mys:

cup of coffee in an unmade bed mys
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Take a cup of tea back to bed with you on a Sunday morning and wriggle back down into your big feather-filled duvet

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Wear a big knitted jumper and woollen socks on a cold day in your house

open fire mys

Kick your shoes off, light some scented candles, light a fire and watch a movie with a big bowl of popcorn

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Throw yourself in a sofa with lots of cushions and read your favourite magazine

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If you have a conservatory, sit in there when it is raining and listen to the rain

tapas food on a wooden table

Call your friends around for dinner with fresh produce

Mys and hygge is essentially a feeling of happiness, and we can all do with injecting a bit more mys into our lives!

How are you getting mysig? Create some mys and tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #GetMysig to show me your mys! I will repost the best ones on my story!

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