12 things to do during Coronavirus lockdown

coronavirus stay home save lives

So I don’t know about you, but the novelty of being at home during the coronavirus lockdown with nothing to do wore off pretty darn quick. My phone tells me that in the past seven days I have spent 14 hours on Instagram, five hours on Facebook messenger and three hours on Whatsapp. My friend’s iPhone reported that her screen time was up by 115% last week. Staring at your phone becomes boring very quickly, and it is not a target that I wish to improve upon.

Here’s a list of 12 different things to do during the coronavirus lockdown to pass the time in a more productive and creative way than staring at your phone.

Bake a cake

easy birthday cake for coronavirus lockdown

Your instagram must have been awash with people’s baked goods during the coronavirus lockdown, so why not bake something yourself? If you don’t want a whole cake sitting in your house tempting you then give half to your nan, or share it with your neighbours. Food is an incredibly good morale-booster, which is what we need during times like these.

Find the recipe for this delicious but easy Swedish cream cake (pictured above) here!
Or this rye bread layer cake here!

Or this skinny peanut butter and banana bread here

rye bread layer cake recipe for coronavirus lockdown

Learn a TikTok dance

I recently downloaded this app on recommendation from one of my friends and I really wish I hadn’t, as you can lose hours on there. But as someone who feels a great sense of nostalgia for Vine (anyone else remember that app!?) this app is right up my street as it features funny videos and sketches, which you can mime along to, and dances, which you can recreate yourself. However, I don’t think of it as time wasted, I think of it as a creative outlet. And it’s really endearing how everyone seems to be getting involved and the British public seems to be becoming a bit more silly and having fun recreating scenes, making up their own dances and generally taking life a bit less seriously.

Download TikTok for android here
Download TikTok for iPhone here

Have a clear out

Now is a great time to tear out your whole wardrobe and be ruthless with deciding what you will and won’t wear again. Ask yourself if you have worn an item of clothing over the past year, if you haven’t then are you likely to wear it at all this year? If not, then get rid. Bag it all up and send it to a charity shop (as soon as you are allowed out again). Trust me, it feels great.

Start gardening

woman in garden holding watering can during coronavirus lockdown
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I have always had lofty dreams about having a beautiful garden if I (ever) have my own place. But now is as good a time as any to discover those green fingers and learn the basics. It’s now or never. The Royal Horticultural Society has a whole section for beginners on their website.

Batch cook

Batch cook some meals that you can freeze. Future You will thank you for it. Make sure you include lots of vegetables as we don’t know how much longer we will have fresh fruit and veg!

Try this easy-to-freeze vegetable curry

Do a home workout

With all the gyms closed you need to get those endorphins from somewhere! I’ve been doing the daily Joe Wicks workouts and also some Pamela Reif workouts

I love Joe Wicks I find him so charming and funny. Plus his workouts don’t feel like hard work! He makes them fun
Pamela Reif’s workouts are bloody difficult, so if you are looking for something more hardcore then look no further than Pamela. Don’t let her slimness fool you, she is a powerhouse slave driver when it comes to home workouts. No pain no gain though.

Call your friends and famalam

Call your friends and family during coronavirus lockdown
Photo by Fallon Michael from Pexels

I don’t tend to speak to my family and friends on the phone very often but at times like this it is important to have some form of social contact with the people that matter most to you. If you have family abroad then make an effort to give them a call and check up on them.


scrapbook during coronavirus lockdown
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Make something of all those printed out photos you have gathering dust in some forgotten cupboard or drawer. A trip down memory lane will also cheer you up when you look back over those old photos of that great day out at the seaside you had with friends last summer or that trip you took to Paris with your parents five years ago. Once you get started it is actually very therapeutic and at the end of it you will have some nicely presented memories to look back on. I am going to make one for my backpacking trip.

Clean your house

Cue eye rolls, but hear me out. Giving your house an old spring clean will help clear out potentially harmful dust, dirt and germs. Plus it’s actually a pretty good workout – especially hoovering. Put on some ‘propa bangers’ and live the music career you knew you could have had.

Crack out the boardgames

play board games during coronavirus lockdown
Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

My family and I whipped out a scrabble game and were reminded by how bad they (not me) were at spelling and how competitive we all are! Monopoly, charades and chess are all classics that will help bring you all together as a family and is a good respite to just staring at a television all day.

Support a local business

This is a testing time for all businesses, but particularly small businesses and it would be a huge shame to see lots of your beloved independent stores go under during this time. A lot of businesses are still trading online, so go ahead, order an item, a take away or a bunch of flowers from them. It may just help them stay afloat.!

Read a book or a magazine

I have many books sitting on my bookshelf mocking me because I haven’t “gotten round” to reading them yet. Well, now is the time to become as well-read as you like to think you are and work your way towards being able to tell a house guest that yes, you have “read all of the books on these shelves” (I’ve always wanted to do that).
The same goes for all those magazines that you subscribe to but never read and which are sitting on your coffee table gathering dust.

Just remember to stay home, save lives.

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12 things to do during the coronavirus lockdown


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