Where to party in Seminyak: La Favela nightclub review

where to party in seminyak
Photo from La Favela

Right, big statement coming… La Favela in Seminyak, Bali is hands-down the best nightclub I have ever been to. It’s like you are partying in the tree tops! Here I give you the low down on where to party in Seminyak and my review of La Favela nightclub.

You enter from the main street (Jalan Kayu Aya) in Seminyak and the lush green plants covering the entrance give no clue to the huge size of the nightclub that is behind it. You go up through stairs and down a narrow dark alleyway and into an enormous jungle-like garden and courtyard with statues. Once you walk in, it is like walking through the magic wardrobe and into Narnia. You just go up, and up, and up, until you feel like you are partying with Tarzan in the tree tops. Are you in Bali or Rio de Janeiro? Not sure what I’m talking about? You’ll see.

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What the favela is a favela?

A favela is a word for a shantytown which is specific to Brazil and the nightclub was set up by husband and wife, Gonzalo and Sandra Assiego. They have taken what once was a small shop and home and transformed it into an enchanted and magical space, which seems to have rooms stacked hiccaldypiccaldy on top of one another.

They have drawn inspiration from the favelas of Brazil and combined it with Bali’s jungles and the underground bars and art scenes from London and New York. It is truly unique – and crazy. The place is decorated with artificial waterfalls and ponds, street and stencil art, vintage furniture and old clocks and picture frames.

β€œLa Favella is a lot of things from our house and then many of our friends bought pieces back from their travels. The small rooms were decorated from the home and family friends. La Favela is in many ways an extension of our home”

Sandra Assiego
nightlife in seminyak
Me, Elanor and the girls we met in our hostel in Seminyak


When you are here, you feel like you are at the coolest party on earth. Although, if you lose someone in there, guaranteed you won’t find them again. And all of a sudden you blink, and it’s 6am! That’s the La Favela time-warp and that’s why it is the best night out in Seminyak you can have. So if you don’t know where to party in Seminyak, then look no further than La Favela.

Click here to see their website and events.

nightlife in seminyak
I had the best time at la Favela and really want to go back there again! One of the best nights out of my life

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  1. I’m not massively into clubbing BUT I do enjoy a good dance and I love visiting clubs/bars that are super quirky or pretty. This sounds right up my street! I’ve been wanting to go to Bali for ages so I have bookmarked this and added it to my must-visit list!

    1. Hi Louise thank you for your comment! Yay! I’m glad I’ve convinced you as it really is a special place and you are guaranteed to have fun there! Yes definitely go to Bali it was so amazing there! So much to do and see!

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