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Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. My name is Holly and I am a lifestyle blogger living in Kent. I am an editor by trade and I love writing about travel, lifestyle and sustainability, as these are things I am super passionate about.

A year ago I quit my job, packed a backpack and hopped across to the other side of the world for a solo backpacking trip. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done but I had such great experiences and met lots of amazing people. Sadly, I had to cut my trip short due to the coronavirus pandemic and so now I am back in old Blighty. I would love to go travelling again and my dream is to be a freelance journalist, so I can frolic and galivant across the world as I please. Well… we can all dream can’t we?

My mum is Swedish, and my dad is British, so I guess I am Swenglish. I was born in Stockholm but grew up in the Middle East on an island called Bahrain. My childhood basically consisted of me just running around the desert and hanging from trees like a mini Tarzan kid. I moved to the UK when I was eight and all the kids used to ask me if I was an asylum seeker. It was hard adjusting to life in the UK and when it snowed for the first time I ran out in my T-shirt and shorts because I had never seen real snow before.

Anyway, I digress… this is my personal blog, Holly Pocket Loves, I hope you enjoy it! Make sure you follow me on my Instagram, twitter and Facebook page to stay up to date!

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